Shunji London by atelier EURA

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Interior by atelier EURA

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Interior by Atelier EURA

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Shunji London by atelier EURA

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Co-Founding Directors of Atelier EURA, a design studio, specialised in architecture​.


Having left our hometowns in Japan and Spain and moved to London around the turn of Millennium, our paths converged in 2004 at an architectural studio where we both became Associates.

Years later, and bringing together the skills we acquired in practice with our own personal projects and passions, we decided it was time to set up our own studio and work closely with clients to deliver their vision.

Atelier EURA- from Eurasia- provides us with the framework to redefine the image and role of the architect.

Our clients tell us that we are good at listening and at explaining, in plain English, what we are trying to achieve, why and what space will feel like.  

They also tell us that the value we bring to each project goes beyond the traditional role of the architect and this is because we care.

Whether your challenge is architectural, interior or graphic in nature, we can help you find a solution.


We know good design can change the world


We are driven by the desire to make our clients’ dreams a reality.


We want you to tell us what the vision for your home and/or business is and how you will know it has been achieved.

We enjoy getting to know our clients and their businesses, finding out what drives them, what makes them happy and developing designs which turn their vision into a reality by using our skills and experience.


Since we founded our studio, we have helped clients develop their business identify and support the growth of their business through good design, we have worked closely with private clients helping them create homes which fit their needs. and we have found ways to use temporary architecture to support small businesses.


Our experience in Europe and Asia provides us with a broad sense of design awareness and having worked with clients based outside the United Kingdom makes us your ideal London designers wherever you are in the world.


BUILD Architecture Awards 2019

   Best Retail & Hospitality Fit-Outs Design Practice - London
   Best Integrated Commercial Design Package: Shunji London

London Construction Awards 2017

   Finalist, Women in Construction Award


Why this name?.


An atelier is a workshop or studio, a place to encourage creativity, where those who are part of it can work together under a common name. It was the standard vocational practice set up for European creatives from the middle ages until the nineteenth century and remains a common set up in architectural studios.

EURA comes from Eurasia, the largest continent on earth which connects Europe and Asia. It is where we come from and where we live and work. It is also the continent which houses 70% of the world’s population and one which is rich in culture, design and architecture and hence, an endless source of inspiration to us.

Each one of the cultures interconnected within Eurasia has its own architecture, evolved as a response to their own environment. These include our own, which in fact have more in common than one could expect. The human influence of landscape and sea seems to have translated into common threads and a sense of appreciation to be found in rituals, beliefs, crafts or gastronomy.

To us, design is the result of many factors which include context, culture, ethos and purpose … our origins and experience shape ours.