Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” To this we would add: Collaborate with people you admire and your work will become play.


Atelier EURA has been working with Bleecker now for a few years getting involved in most of the design aspects of the business, beyond architecture. 




From menus to website and from storytelling to packaging, we have contributed to the internal discussions providing our expertise to consolidate the identity beyond their streetfood audiences.




A very interesting project was to be part of the process by which the pretty amazing comic artist Alison Sampson (who we had met at the "Sequential City" exhibition at Anise Gallery) portrayed the history of the brand to date.


Alsion, an architect by training, has an extensive storytelling experience through her work, even beyond the comic scene.







Her drawings have been part of many successful projects and when we were looking for someone who could create a piece of work we could use to reconnect with the origin of the company, her work came to mind.


In December 2016 we introduced Bleecker Founder to Alison and assisted her through the briefing of the artists who then worked on a 360-degree piece which can be seen in multiple directions. 

See more of Alison's work HERE





Our refurbishment of Bleecker Victoria, in a part of town which did not necessarily know of Bleecker's origins, included the proposal to use part of Alison's image to tell the story and illustrate the main wall in the front of the restaurant.


With the help of professional sign painter Robin Simpson (Robin Signs) we were able to transfer the design to the wall retaining its full charm and providing a connection to the company's roots.




Bleecker's focus on the quality of produce has taken them over the years to collaborate with independent brands such as Square Root developing Bleecker specific products. 


Their Iced-T, a Square root x Bleecker collaboration which is a favourite among customers has, this year, had its label redesigned by atelier EURA on time for the start of the sunny season.


Making use of Alison's artwork in the background, we gave the bottle a clearer visual connection to Bleecker and in doing so, we highlighted its provenance.


With the best recipe to date, customers are responding very positively to this very special brew.







From menus to signage, Bleecker's graphics are an integral part of the brand and the way they communicate with its customers, hence they could not be treated as an add-on.


atelier EURA's work extends to branding across media: from menus to signage (on furniture as well as the built form)





Photos below by Morley von Sternberg and Bleecker

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