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Edwardian apartment refurbishment


Chelsea, London

Completion Date

September 2021

Size of Project

65 sqm

Scope of works

Design, LTA and Delivery
(Interior an and all built in 
 joinery )


The client came to us, through a common friend, with the intention of refurbishing an apartment they were in the process of purchasing.

They had never before taken on a refurbishment and requested that we provided a bespoke service, to guide them through the entire process. This included shopping for fixtures and fittings, planning for their existing furniture and finding a contractor that would help them move their belongings from storage .

Design by © atelier EURA


The apartment is located in a charming Edwardian building and it had a layout that although compromised when it came to some rooms, we were not allowed to modify under the conditions of the lease.

Despite their weak performance, the client did not want to change the steel windows or introduce secondary glazing and because they had a young dog, they were keen to not use carpets or timber.

This left us with limited options when it came to creating a cosy interior and we had to rely on lighting, colour and a new heating system.

Design by © atelier EURA


The apartment was originally white (at the time of purchase) making it feel cold and the client was adamant to use colour to bring warmth and character to the refurbished apartment.

They also loved the colour black and asked that we used it in ironmongery, switches and sockets and the kitchen and bathroom.

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA


Having downsized during Covid, the client was living in temporary accommodation and they were keen to move in as soon as possible but did not want to start the design process until they received the keys. As a result we only had 5 months to design and deliver the project .

We worked hand in hand with our contractors to suit the client's needs and even though the movers came two days before completion, we still managed to deliver on time.

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA
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