we are TORU and CRISTINA

Directors and Co-founders of atelier EURA


Having left our hometowns in Japan and Spain to move to London around the Millennium, our paths converged in 2004 at an Architectural Studio where we both were Associates.

After years designing and leading urban scale projects from conception through to completion, in the context of commercial practice, and bringing together the skills we acquired in practice and our own personal projects and passions, we decided it was time to set up our own studio and work closely with clients to deliver their vision.

Atelier EURA provides us with the framework to redefine the image and role of the architect. Together, we can find solutions to your architectural challenges but also interior design and graphic ones.

Our clients tell us that we are good at listening and at explaining, in plain English, what we are trying to accomplish, why, and what the space will feel like.  They also tell us that the value we bring to each project goes beyond  what is expected of the architect and this is because we care.

at atelier EURA

We believe in the power that architecture and design have to change the world. We are driven by the desire to make our clients’ dreams a reality and we can do so by understanding what their needs and expectations are. We want you to tell us what the vision for your home and/or business would involve and how you will know it has been achieved.

We enjoy getting to know people and businesses, finding out what drives them and makes them happy and to develop design responses which turn their vision into a reality using our skills and experience in Architecture, Interiors and Graphics.


Since we first started our studio, we have helped clients develop their business identify and support the growth of their business through good design., we have worked closely with private clients helping them create homes which fit their family’s needs. and we have found ways to use temporary architecture to ​support small businesses. 

Our experience in Europe and Asia provides us with a broad sense of design awareness and having worked with clients based outside the United Kingdom makes us your ideal London designers wherever you are in the world.


our name

An atelier is a workshop or studio, a place to encourage creativity, where those who are part of it can work together under a common name. It was the vocational practice standard for European creatives from the middle ages until the nineteenth century and became a common set up in architectural studios too.

EURA comes from Eurasia, the largest continent on earth which connects Europe and Asia. It is where we come from and where we live and work It is also the continent which houses 70% of the world’s population and one which is rich in culture, design and architecture and hence an endless source of inspiration.


Each one of the cultures interconnected within Eurasia has its own architecture, evolved as a response to their own environment, including our own. which in fact a lot in common. From its natural landscape, relationship with the sea and pagan beliefs to crafts and gastronomy.


To us, design is the result of many things: context, culture, ethos, purpose… our origins and experience shape ours.







Toru gained his Architectural Planning Degree at the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. He continued his training at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music where he studied an MA in Architectural Design.


In 1993, he joined the Taisei Corporation, one of Japan’s top multi-disciplinary organisations within the built environment, where he became Associate Architect. During his years at Taisei, Toru designed, amongst others, a model of Sustainable Community which represented Japan at the GBC 2000 International Conference of Ecological Architectures in Holland. He also designed a residential complex for the Japanese Prime Minister and his family.


In 2001, Toru moved to London to study a second Master, in Housing and Urbanism, at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. On completion of his MA, he joined Stefan Zins Associates where he became an Associate and developed, amongst others, a Kick-Start prototype for Kier to respond to the demands of First Time Buyers in the UK.


In 2008 Toru left SZAL to join Panther Hudspith where he worked on the design of various high profile projects including the Athletes Village for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Royal Road, a 140 units regeneration project which forms part of the Elephant and Castle’s Master Plan. In the Autumn of 2012 he co-founded Atelier EURA with Cristina.





A Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Cristina gained her Architectural Degree at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de San Sebastián, her hometown, and moved to London to complete her academic training as well as to gain professional experience. 


Cristina has worked on all sides of the architectural process which is why she puts great emphasis on relationships not only with clients but with each member of the Design and Construction Team. She believes that the secret to delivering a successful project is a committed team.


Thoroughly enjoying the anthropological side of the built environment, Cristina sees architecture as a tool to better the quality of life of others and being part of the industry as a responsibility full of potential. It is this potential that inspires her and helps her remain passionate about her work


Cristina has worked in senior positions since becoming an Associate for KMW/Stefan Zins in 2005 and after years dedicated to delivering large regeneration projects including the award-winning Vermilion ( Phase 1 of Canning Town's regeneration for English Cities Fund), in the Autumn of 2012, she co-founded atelier EURA with Toru.


Committed to supporting diversity in the industry, she does so from her positions as London and South East Chair for NAWIC, her advisory role at Architects for Change and as a Mentor at the pan-professional programme: Fluid Mentoring.