The more than forty years of combined international experience of our directors, including those spent working in some of the London's leading design studios, have been widely recorded.

Below a selection of the most recent exposure since setting up atelier EURA.







Bleecker Bloomberg

Introducing Bleecker Burger at Bloomberg Arcade (LINK)

The Florida Prep | Bleecker Bloomberg Opening (LINK)


Bleecker, London Southbank

Hamburger me LINK

TripAdvisor LINK

FourSquare LINK

It's a hoomygumb LINK

City Chic Lifestyle LINK
Beers and burgers LINK
Bleecker Victoria
Alison Sampson's website (LINK)
Contemplative Nature Exhibition
Artlist LINK
All in London LINK
Japanese Embassy in London LINK
Londonist LINK
The East LINK








Contributions to Mimoa (Architectural guide) LINK

Personal Blog LINK

Womenalia Blog (Professional Network) LINK



" Se celebra en Londres el primer debate de mujeres españolas emprendedoras en Reino Unido" (LINK)

"Primer Coloquio de Mujeres Profesionales españolas en Londres" (LINK)

"Women in construction: diversity driven leadership' LINK

"Challenging the idea of traditionally male industries" LINK

"The future is bright for women in male-dominated sectors" LINK

“Tackling construction skills shortage one woman at a time”  LINK

"Kent Construction Expo 2016" LINK

“#notjustforboys women in construction” Smith Institute LINK

"St George encourages women into construction during National Apprenticeship Week" LINK

“Voice of the industry” Tool Business & Hire Feature LINK

"The will for skills" by New Civil Engineer LINK

"St George welcomes NAWIC to Battersea Reach" LINK

"2015 FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme is launched" LINK

"Building the future: women in construction" Smith Institute. LINK

"Trust yourself and play to all your strengths" LINK

"Quantity surveying: a bastion of male supremacy?" LINK

"Digital detox can help construction lead on diversity" LINK

"A picture is worth a thousand words" LINK

"There is an opportunity for women in construction, not just a crisis" LINK

"Beyond Limits" LINK