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The Women in Construction Summit Worldwide is an initiative which emerged from the realisation that the females working within the construction industry could benefit from having the opportunity of an annual summit where formal networking and knowledge sharing could be promoted in order to jointly advance as an industry.

Our director Cristina, who is part of their Advisory Board, contributed to the shaping of the event and joined friend and collaborator Danna Walker (from the inspiring not-for-profit Built by Us) in the delivery of the workshop "Becoming THAT Leader".

Danna and Cristina discussed the evolution that leadership has had throughout history and explained the differences between the best known types of leadership. They also shared personal experiences as well as professional ones which set the scene to the workshop.

The room was divided in smaller groups and assigned some of the known challenges which leaders in the 21st century will need to address. As leaders, they were then asked to identify which areas we should focus on in order to address those and move forward successfully. These were the ideas:

Known Challenge: Priority:

Brexit Talent + Attraction

Climate Change Communication + behaviour (education)

Ethics - Pay Gaps, modern slavery Communication + Community

Inclusion -intergen., gender, ethnicity etc. Legislation, training, multifaceted approach

Business model "Model" as culture (all involved)

Technology Flexibility/working from home

The event, which had been sold out and had a long waiting list was a success and the feedback we received very positive; but importantly, the interactions and ideas discussed were inspiring and full of the kind of positive energy we will be needing.

If this topic is of interest, you might want o download the handout Cristina and Danna prepared for this event. LINK


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