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In a city like London, where inspiration hides behind each and every corner, individuals of the creative industries look for different ways to manifest their potential.

London is, to us, a constant source of inspiration where old and new examples of architecture challenge each other in an endless silent battle of powers.

Where scales and styles are to us architects a cacophony of sounds that come together in unnexpected ways. 


As much as Paris is orderly and coherent in each urbanistic aproach, to take a walk in London takes you through the centuries in only a few meters... or should I say yards?

Where temporary and permanent structures merge to create new places that become unintendedly familiar in the ever changing landscape. 

Where the building line around crossroads enclose both movement and space and create an unnexpected sense of grandeur.

 Where the building lines and boundaries between inside and outside are often blured .































And where despite development, you can still find pockets of green to forget it all, right in the middle of it.

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