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"For anyone unaware of this project, I have to say that it is a wonderful “must see”.


We are, as a profession, often accused of a lack of awareness when it comes to the challenges that the end user faces once the building is handed over, and I do think that this rings some truth.


Architecture is not about the so called “killer shoot” or the “coffee table books” (how I dislike this term, by the way….), yet the market keeps pushing us in that direction as the wind and the waves push around a tiny boat in the open sea !


And the sad truth is that, as a profession, in a world where news spread at the speed of light, where people read less and information is mainly fed visually, it seems to be the way to reach out to prospective clients.  


I can therefore only aplaud the “LIving Architectures” attempt to focus our minds on what it is important, the day to day of the building, rather than the glossy.


I saw the Koolhaas Houselife at the Barbican as part of the OMA / Progress exhibition, and I loved every second of it as much as I did the rest of the exhibition. It was honest, thought provoking and super funny. "


(From atelier EURA's scrapbook on ScoopIT , here, commenting on the website of LIving Architectures)

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