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Epiphanies from Frank Gehry

" This interview had me in stitches! So refreshing to see the best known sharing the frustration that we all feel sometimes… “One would hope there would be more support from within these places for architecture that responds to the place and culture. … but, …It’s just cheap copies of buildings that have already been built somewhere else.” I love it! 


I might add, though, that describing industrial Bilbao as a “sleepy Spanish port city” is a rather hilarious misinformed statement, as it is to credit Gehry for singlehandedly delivering its regeneration bearing in mind that the museum was “just” a piece of the Bilbao Ria 2000 masterplan. 


Although the museum has indeed created both footfall and appeal for tourism to choose Bilbao as a destination, it saddens me that the brains behind the strategy and the many other contributions are always forgotten. 


…and just in case anyone wondered, the main issue that the masterplan faced was the lack of connectivity between both sides of the river as they laid separated by the scar left behind by Altos Hornos. (My father’s former employer) More information here: "


(From atelier EURA's scrapbook on ScoopIT , here, commenting on this FP article )

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