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" Today I was lucky to visit this exhibition and I have to agree with this article in that it is both Tate's strength and weakness it's ability to organize wonderfully curated exhibitions that showcase less known aspects of the work of the best known artists. As a member, it has been my joy to rediscover this way artists who I though I already knew. Today, however , was a new journey I embarked on. 


Choucair's work is a reflection of a life, spanning almost a century. Full of influences that are immediately recognizable but also with a life of its own. 


My favorite were her sculptures, which are wonderfully crafted and tactile (pity that cannot be touched). I do hope that Tate continues to take a chance and that they promote these less known exhibitions in order to reach out to the wider public."


(From atelier EURA's scrapbook on ScoopIT , here, commenting on this Guardian article )

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