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A few years ago, as I queued at the airport on my way home to San Sebastian, i bumped into a friend of mine .


She is a very interesting person with an amazing business back home which started as a pioneer, promoting one of the biggest assets that San Sebastian has to offer: Gastronomy.


Her company, Tenedor Tours (link), offers different gastronomic experiences to those wanting to enjoy the city's proud heritage, but also adventures further and beyond.


My friend, Gabriella, is also an art and architectural fan and she gave me a great tip that has changed the way I travel .


The tip was Mimoa, a website dedicated to the love of architecture where people share wonderful places they visit around the world for you to find out about them when planning your journey.


Everyone can contribute with new locations and, in a way, this gives you a great opportunity to give something back that adds a charming human touch to this project set up by two architects.


I too have created a profile since (link) and made some contributions and have many more drafted awaiting to go, so next time you travel, you may want to use the website for both inspiration and contribution.

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