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"Tonight, on her role as Chair for the London and South East region of NAWIC, Cristina will be co-hosting the third and final pilot on the “WSCP/NAWIC Intelligent Programme” at Anise Gallery.


Julie White (D Drill Group) business woman, entrepreneur and passionate advocate of apprenticeships as a positive contribution to the construction industry, will be the guest speaker.


The “Intelligent Programme” is a WSCP/NAWIC collaboration and its vision belongs to Jo Ann Hamilton (WSCP/NAWIC) who felt that the industry lacked of a forum where by ideas could be exchanged with peers.

The programme is structured in three parts as follow;


Punch up! (debate)

Sit (Science, Innovation and Technology) Talks

Build it! (Entrepreneurial sessions)

It will take place during 2014 in Spring and Autumn."




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