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Image by Hema Seshadri from Carbon Cactus.


From left to right: Farah Naz (co-Chair at WSCP), atelier EURA’S Cristina (London and South East Chair at NAWIC), Julie White (D-Drill ’s MD, Business Woman of the Year 2011 and Chair at the NSCC Training Committee ) and Jo-Ann Hamilton (Senior Vice-Chair at WSCP)


We are happy to report that the third Pilot of the Intelligent Programme Series, which took place at Anise Gallery on the 19th of November, was a success. 


Julie White shared her experience and business know-how with a mixed audience that included faces from outside the built environment. With  the Gurley’s “New York and the world of a million Mickeys” works, as a backdrop, the guests thoroughly enjoyed her company and generosity and left home inspired. 


atelier EURA were proud to be part of such a great event.



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