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"The Museo San Telmo, in San Sebastian, has been one of those buildings which has seeing many incarnations : a monastery, war hospital , and since 1900, a museum.


More recently, the widely published refurbishment by Nieto Sobejano has given it a new lease of life and brought it to its next reincarnation as Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship. (Link here)



The design ingenuity, good workmanship and considerate detailing are to be found in every corner. A friendly building full of friendly people who are keen to share their rich history and heritage with all visitors.


 Our Principal Cristina has been linked to this building through out her life. In the school choir she sang with other schools in the room where Sert murals hang (the former chapel and her favourite corner within the building).

As a teen, with her mom, she learnt about Basque anthropology , history and traditions and discovered the works of artists such as Zuloaga. And at university, she often visited the museum to practice her sketching .


2013 has seeing the commemoration of 200 years since the great fire that burnt San Sebastian and this wonderful little place has yet again surpassed any expectations when presenting a riveting tale through historical records and contemporary art .



A very well curated exhibition which acknowledges the need to look at history to move forward rather than say in the past. This was a visit we will never forget."


The Museum extension has a profile on the Mimoa project, with more information regarding the team behind its redesign and details on how to get there. (Link here)






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