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"It is regularly that architects and professionals within the construction industry are required to prepare contributions to the Design and Access Document that accompanies planning applications for new developments.


The document is aimed at the planning officers that will be assessing the suitability of the development in its context and it involves typically :

  • a good site analysis that includes a historical assessment,

  • a record of the consultation process,

  • a description of the design process and development of strategies with the input of various consultants

  • and finally a description of the design.

(CABE published a great booklet on this topic that can still be found here)


As I was writing one myself , it has occurred to me that with as many resources that there are available on the internet to assist us with the preparatory work, it is odd to not find a post that offers TOP Design and Access Statement writing tools... These are my favourite... for London


Beautiful maps (more than  google anyway) with relevant information to help you understand the  context




Aerial views to asses the impact on the surrounding townscape : bing

London strategic views information

Theory: Architecture Theory




PTAL ratings (Public transport accessibility level …assessments)

Public transport by TFL

Car clubs

Barclays bikes


Historical Context:


Historical maps to understand the urban grain and its evolution: 

MapcoMappaLondon , Locating LondonMapping LondonMaps of LondonBritish LibraryAncestry


Borough specific maps: 

Southwalk (historical), Southwalk (contemporary)


Historical photos: 

Museum of LondonLBC , Images of London and Spitafields Life 


Listed buildings


Booth Poverty Map of London


Secured by Design:


Met police crime plan (to give context to the  Secure by design discussions)




Open spaces and wild life information to avoid surprises

Flood map




Bomb survey "



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