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Para mis sobris

"I have recently redesigned some of the aspects of our nieces/nephews’ site in order to improve on accessibility of the younger audiences.


Here are some snapshots that allow me to explain each change:







































The home page welcomes you to the site, indicating the purpose of it and taking the role of a post box where their favorite graffiti is the flap that leads you into the weekly postcard that is inside it.



















































An introduction of who I am sets the context accompanied by a photograph of my first year in school. (The one I have carried with me all these years in order to remind myself not to change)

The weekly postcard is now a postcard. The change aimed at simplifying the concept to make it accessible, easy to grasp and consistent with the idea.




























































The archive is the box for old postcards to be stored.


















































I added a link to my instagram account to share with them the day to day in my life.


Our second niece requested to have a section of her own on the site and bearing in mind that she has gone through a difficult patch, I thought that might be useful to create something different to the postcards… The concept was to create a place where she could stop, look back at the week ending and decide by herself whether she should be rewarded for good behavior…


It has worked a treat as she does not look when she is uncertain that she has behaved in a deserving manner (I must say that i feel a bit guilty as she is only 5 but deep down i am very proud of her and I make sure that I tell her )


If/when she has behaved well (we have discussed that this does not mean perfectly as… after all… I do not want her to grow up with unrealistic expectations), she can reach a board where she can choose one more number each week.


Finally, and in order for this to be a two way conversation and a collaboration , I added a message board from which they can email me asking me questions, giving me ideas or simply greeting me.


The website can be visited at


Extracted from my personal blog (link here)



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