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In the year 2000 Toyo Ito changed the way we looked at libraries , with the Sendai Mediateque, and begun a discussion that it is still relevant today.



Student at the time, it was Cristina's dream to be able to visit and experience the space for herself, and in November 2010, as atelier EURA traveled through an untouched Tohoku (the big tsunami took place in March 2011)  this became possible.




In a successful partnership between technology and architecture, Ito's obsession for lightness ensured the delivery of a building which is both complex and flexible.



A building that provides spaces that flow and provide moments of interaction for people. Layer after layer, different uses are proposed and weaved together by structures that reflected the skeleton of this ground breaking building in more than one way.


( This is a link to a Richard Copans video available on Youtube )


To find out more about the project visit Cristina's Mimoa corner (here)




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