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The Fundacion Museo Jorge Oteiza is a fantastic example of what a great partnership between the architect and the client can result on. Situated off the beaten track in the hills surrounding Navarra's capital Pamplona, it is a wonderful example of architecture that we want to highlight as it is one of our favourite places.



Jorge Oteiza, one of the Basque Country's most respected sculptors during the Twentieth Century , was known for the architectural approach of his work and it is therefore not a surprise to see that he would choose to work in collaboration with his preferred architect Francisco Sáenz de Oiza in this, the museum that showcases his work.



Artist and architect had a managed to rescue the magic to be found when both traditions join forces in many occasions, best known of all in the Basilica de Arantzazu, where Oteiza's sculptures became a key feature of the main facade.




The Museum , which takes you through  a wonderful journey through the ages of the artist, also showcases contemporary works of art on its lower floor, acknowledging and embracing (in a very Platonic way) the future of art.





To learn more about the museum and to plan a visit , follow this link.


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