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At our atelier we believe that the sharing of lessons from our journey is as important as showcasing the work we do. We are no island and if our work is meant to be positively shapping the environment we live in, in 2015, this includes a much bigger environment than the physical one.


As the fronteers between cultures disappear through the access to technology and interlink to paint a much richer map, we believe that we can all contribute to a more inclusive future. This involves sharing both best practices and the tips we learn along the way.


Today, we would like to share with you some free online tools that we hope you will find useful . Please follow the links to download the relevant PDFs, use them to get creative and remember to pass them on to others who would find them useful too.


Collaborative Resources: Forced as we are to evaluate contemporary and more sustainable ways to work, the idea of remote collaboration has become part of our lives. Here a selection of interesting resources that allow you to work tegether despite the geographical challenges. (link)


Graphic resources: In the work we do, the visual representation of our ideas is much more important than the way we describe them. As the old say goes: a picture's worth a thousand words. These are useful tools you can access to be able to communicate with the world (link)


Branding resources: Architects and designers are known to be so focused in their work that thye often forget there is a world out there they need to reach out to in order to find the next project. We know that we are all culpits in this area and hope that these come handy (link)


Outsourcing: For the times when you have too much work but not enough hands to help or certainty in your workload. Or, for the times when you are not so busy and would like to be able to help in projects without loosing your flexibility. (link)


Admin: We all love it don't we? Well, given that there is no choice but getting on with it, we hope that these links will make your lives easier. From PDF related tools, to document writing ones. From CAD convertors to template generators (link)



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