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"On the 19th of June, and in my role of Regional Chair for NAWIC in the region of London and the South East, I took part in the London Build Expo 2015 as a speaker.


My colleague and regional tresurer, Anna Nasalska, and I presented a series of implementable strategies aimed at attracting and retentaining talented female employees within the industry.


We can no longer afford other than an engaged diverse audience ready to face the complex challenges brought to us by the shortage of skills in our industryand the high levels of demand in the housing sector.


Amongst all the facts and figues we presented, the ones that seemed to have struck a cord with the audience were the effects of biased language in the recruitment process and the effects that lack of formalised networking and mentoring opportunities had in the development of the careers of those employees with familial responsibilities.


From a personal point of view, it was interesting to find a very engaged mixed audience actively seeking to make a difference. Unfortunately, as so many studies show, the questions from the female side of the audience were not voiced openly at the QA; but quietly in a one to one basis after the event. This, I fear, shows the amount of work we still need to do to build up the confidence levels of the female workforce"


(For further reading on the event and to access the presentation , here )

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