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We are proud to announce that our contribution to the Mimoa project continues and that our post on the Cite de l'Ocean is currently featured in MIMOA's home page.






We will take this opportunity to recommend you visit this is great example of contextual architecture by Steven Holl Architects in your next visit to the Basque Country.


Conceived as an intervention in the landscape that extends beyond the built form, its main feature is a wave-like curved roof that divides space in its two main elements: a public plaza (under the sky) and an exhibition space (under the sea) aimed at raising awareness on oceanic issues in a very interactive way.

It is not only a building that successfully deals with its brief , but it also accommodates a very interesting interactive exhibition. A great example where the role of the sea in our lives is explored through sophisticated technology but also first-hand experience (so called phenomenology).

The building is set on the edge of the city of Biarritz, the well known surf destination, on a hilll that acts as vantage point with gorgeous views over the sea,  and a clear view of the unifying horizon.

You will find details about the project team and how to visit here.

The waves of the roof and reflections of the cafe pavilion create an illusion of repeating lanscape that is most intriguing and almost surreal.

Standing in the south west corner of the roof, it felt like stepping in a surrealist landscape that reminded me of the dunes that the master Shoji Ueda photographed so well. (see here)

One of the aspects that make this building most interesting is the use of affordable materials in its interiors. Simple detailing and suitably laid surfaces create a volume where by the the technology and a very well curated interactive exhibition can take the central stage.

Another fascinating detail is the seemless collaboration between the architect and artist Solange Fabiao which is most enjoyable and feels like a string of surprises  that unveil behind each corner.

To read more about the project, follow this link (here)

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