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The Centre for Active Design is an organisation set up to highlight the relationship between health and the built environment. With a multidisciplinary aproach, their work is focused on looking for ways to improve the general health of society through the shaping of the built environment.


Their regular publications offer both general guidelines and specific pointers to professionals, local community groups, designers and the general public. 


As keen urban cyclists, we find one of the most interesting parts of the work they do to be related to the shapping of streets in order to promote everyday activity. As city centres densify and the cost of heath increases; the need to bridge in between the economical spectrum whilst creating positive transport networks seems to be the way forward.


Bicycles are the tools to have delivered economical regeneration in urban cities such as Bogota, but they are also the tools of empowerment in remote populations of Africa as highlighted by projects such as Re-Cycle.


We would like to encourage you to visit their website and read up on the topic as it will make you understand the power we all have to influence the shaping of our cities and our future. (here)


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