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A week has gone by in the world since Zaha's departure and I know that many , me included, are still feeling disbelieve.


As Toru so eloquently expressed it: Zaha lived like a true legend of architecture and her sudden passing will contribute to the legend.  

My favourite building of hers is the Vitra Fire station (see here). Not only for its architectural wonderfulness, although I think the cluster of columns in the facade is simply genius, but also because of something you only learn when visiting the Vitra campus: The respect that it commands.  

Zaha's vision and tenacity earned her the respect from the great and good of the architectural community and this is a building where this can be most felt. Her first step from vision to reality so precious and full of promise that THE Alvaro Siza (one of Europe's best architects) shaped his own building to respectfully frame it.  

Despite having worked a few doors down her studio for over 8 years, I never met Zaha and now, I will never do. In the wider scheme of things, this is not important; as it is our work and the footprint we leave behind that are.  

Zaha's architectural legacy is impressive and as a visible female architect she will most certainly be missed. We are not that many and as big as her presence was, much larger it feels her absence. 




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