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Good progress at Bleecker Bloomberg

Yesterday we attended another one of our project meeting at the Bloomberg building in the City of London where works are progressing towards Bleecker's targeted date of mid October.



With the building's own completion in the horizon, it is fair to say that the level of activity has continued to increase at a steady pace and results are beginning to show. The level of quality in the workmanship achieved by Mcalpine as well as the detailing by Fosters + make it a very exciting project to be part of.



Within our own unit, main contractors Interiors UK are working with (many) other smaller contractors to deliver an ambitious design within what essentially is a small unit.



As the services begin to take shape one begins to get a sense of scale and the importance of fine tuning the various elements becomes a known factor to all of those involved.



The commencement of week 3 on site has shown a dramatic change and we cannot wait to see what next week will bring.






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