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Open house 2017

Without a doubt, Open House is one of the top London based annual fixtures for architects. It is, not only a great opportunity to gain access and learn from some remarkable projects but also to remind ourselves of wat can be achieved working together with our clients.


This year, we were lucky enough to visit quite a few buildings for the first time:


30 Murray Mews (LINK)

The coach house (LINK)

8a Belsize Court Garages (LINK)

Fenton House (LINK)

Burgh House (LINK)


...unfortunately, we also missed out on:

Isokon (LINK)

44 Willoughby Road (LINK)

but there is always next year.


All and all, it was a great day in which we met generous volunteers and knowledgeable hosts who were only to happy to share the lessons they have learnt through the process of building/refurbishing their own homes.


Here some of the take aways from our Open house 2017 adventure.


30 Murray Mews by Jeff Kahane + Associates (remarkable use of space and split level living)


The coach house, a Victorian building retrofitted to save 70% of carbon emissions.


During our visit  we were able to discuss with the owners the changes they had made to the building and saw interesting examples of Rainwater harvesting, localised heat recovery units and more. In fact, the owner kindly shared this list of suppliers and products to help visitors improve the performance of their own homes


Another interesting visit was Fenton House and Gardens, quite literally, on the top of Hampstead and has, therefore, a wonderful panoramic view.


The beautiful 17th century town house and 300 year old walled garden are looked after by the National Trust and they are a delight, even in cloudy days.


After yesterday, we are very much looking froward to next year's edition!




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