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Work commences under the bridge

This morning , nice and early, we commenced the build of our latest project under the Hungerford Bridge in London.


For the third year running, we will be designing temporary structures to form part of the summer festival only this time, with the Southbank Centre as our client. The SBC has appointed us to create a design which spans the entire width of the bridge and which will help create a unified space to act both as a destination and support to the three SMEs which will be trading from this iconic location.

Based on the success and lessons learnt from the 2016 and 2017 editions, last winter we presented a proposal to the client and earlier in the year, we were appointed to develop the design further,



Year after year, we have to pinch ourselves when we arrive to site and look around, and after years dreaming to have the opportunity to take on the entire space,  we were keen to make a proposal which both customers and traders could enjoy.


Today, at 5am, the containers which will be framing the temporary square were dropped in place, and just like this, the work commenced.


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