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Location: Westfield , Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7GF

Client: Bleecker

PM: Handover work

Main Contractor: Majestic

Electrics: Halligan Bros Electrical Ltd

Extraction: Leech Group Services

Plumbing: Southsea Mechanical

Sprinklers: Argus Fire

Detection and alarms: Global Fire

Building control: Head Projects Building Control Limited

CDM: Head Projects Building Control Limited

Structural Engineer: Form London

Signage BD Signs Ltd

Tileworks: Designworks Tiles & Johnson Tiles (UK made)

Counter: koliqi

Kitchen Specialist: Bluestone Catering

Tills: Centegra

When Westfield decided to refurbish their Food Hall in West London, they searched for a wide range of businesses to provide variety to their demanding customers and In doing so they decided to approach Bleecker to invite them to join the line up which also includes: PIzza PIlglim, Pho and many others.


Having run the food court since the centre opened in 2009, the team at Westfield identified several things they wanted to change:

  • The siting was insufficient

  • The area could accommodate additional businesses

  • The common areas and services could be improved to offer a better service

  • The design could be brought together by introducing a design guide.


When we were first told of this opportunity, we found surprising to think of Bleecker, a street food trader, in the pristine context of Westfield, but the team were so excited that very quickly we started looking for a design solution which could retain Bleecker's authenticity in this new environment.

In addition to this, the newly appointed Head of Operations from Bleecker was keen to make this location one efficient machine which could cater for the volumes predicted by Westfield.

With all the above in mind,  the targets we wanted to achieve can be listed as:

  1. Bringing the streetfood vibe of Bleecker to a new environment

  2. Develop a kitchen /prep flow which will be able to respond to high volumes

  3. Use Signage and Brand as a key part of our design to gain visibility from across the Food Hall

The layout was quite a challenge and required a series of iterations and heavy consultation with the Bleecker team whose expertise determined the end layout.


From previous experience, we knew the client was keen to have good levels of lighting in the kitchen and prep area and hence we went for 60x60 cm ceiling tile size LED lights which combined with the under canopy lighting provide great illumination.

As for the customers area we had limited choices to comply with the design code from the centre which is why we used signage as part of the lighting strategy.

We used a light box behind the wooden fascia in the shape of the iconic Bleecker burger , cold Neon (LED) in the drinks corner , an uplighter under the "New York style burgers" metal sign and individual letters of the Bleecker logo.

We also lit up the menu boxes, the plinth and the glass enclosing the drinks area.


Durability was one of the key drives when choosing materials and finding materials which both felt part of the Bleecker brand as well as worked within the Westfield's guidelines was a challenged.

In the end we selected timber, Caesarstone


Bleecker founder Zan Kaufman with NYC Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Photo by Bleecker (visit their Facebook page to see more HERE)


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