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Crafting Exceptional Spaces

Tailored to Our Clients since 2015

Design by © atelier EURA  for Truffle London


Location: Hungerford Bridge, London

Client: Bleecker

Furniture: WOODO (benches), Pankhurst Contracting (tables) 

Mural: Robin Signs

Based on last year's success, whereby our urban placemaking, around Bleecker's needs, increased both footfall and earnings the Southbank centre decided to adopt a version of the original proposal we presented on behalf of Bleecker in 2016. which made use of the entire width of the Hungerford Bridge.

During the initial stages, and following the introduction of additional traders by Southbank, as well as working with our client to maximise their own use of space, we supplied layouts to optimise the use the various existing facilities by the other traders. This involved working with our client to assess the viability of three different layouts using their business know how to forecast sales.


The site was a 110 sqm area in London’s Southbank with views over some of the most iconic buildings in the city. Within walking distance of the Southbank Centre, Embankment and Waterloo, it sat under the Hungerford Bridge which industrial looking architecture gives the space a very urban character. 

The area, which is regularly used to host markets of various kinds has a very defined pallet of materials as well as some very clear health and safety requirements to ensure rapid evacuation, should this be required. 


Bleecker, are one of the original New York style burger flippers of London. A British brand with roots in the Big Apple, with whom atelier EURA has now been collaborating in a number of projects including their new premises in the Foster + Partners Bloomberg Building in the City.

For the 2017 edition of the Summer Festival, Southbank decided to take the hoarding design away from the traders in order to create an unbranded space where visitors could sit and enjoy the offer with a degree of informality.

This, however, presented a challenge for the client's brand identity which required for us to work with Southbank in a design which would connect the container to the overall strategy.


The site was in the centre of London, adjacent key city landmarks such as the London Eye and the Southbank Centre. It is significant that the rail lines which connect Charing Cross Station with Kent and surrounding areas runs immediately above the site. 

London Southbank is one of the largest and most lively public spaces in central London, and each year, a team of professionals work hard on a range of programmes destined to engage the millions of visitors which visit London and we were keen to  turning the space into a destination by using the design to increase visibility.


Continuing to learn from previous experience, for the 2017 pop up we adjusted the size of the furniture and changed the direction of both tables and benches in order to improve on accessibility and reduce the number of sitters who would be having their back to the walk.

Through opening up the space to occupy the entirety of the bridge's width, Southbank looked to create a layout whereby customers from all three traders could find space to sit should any of the areas be full. 


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