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(article by Cristina)

One for our fellow business owners: Do you ever find yourself prioritising client needs at the cost of business development? I know I do and then need to play catch up.

"Luckily", the election seems to have freed up some time for us to focus on something we'd been meaning to do for a while at atelier EURA Ltd : redesigning our website and updating our FREE e-book.

Speaking with industry peers (including suppliers) the consensus is that many clients are waiting to find out election results before moving forward with their projects. And hence, it occurred to me that others might find themselves with time in their hands and could benefit from my website redesign process takeaways.

Here are the most significant ones to date:

  • AI as Your Website Critic: Using an AI chat bot to criticise our website was like having a fresh pair of eyes. It helped us identify areas for improvement and tailor our message to reach out to our ideal clients. 

  • Showcasing the Highlights, Not Everything: Instead of listing every project, we are focusing on a curated selection that showcases the range of services we offer.

  • Highlighting Hidden Value: Our decades of experience across diverse sectors often surprises new clients. By showcasing our de-risking service packages, we hope to make the value we bring to the table more apparent from the start.

This is just the beginning! We are still working on the redesign and the mobile version is far from ready; but so far, the process has been a valuable opportunity to appreciate the variety of work we have been delivering for our clients.

I am wondering....What are your thoughts on using AI in this manner? Have you considered it?

You can see our progress to date by visiting

And as always, I'm happy to discuss your projects.

Ps. In case you wonder, we created our FREE eBook back in 2019 for anyone feeling overwhelmed when discussing their renovation project. It is designed to help you clarify your thoughts and answer common questions people have at the beginning of their refurbishment journey.

Inside it you will find insight, confidence boosting information and strategies to streamline the process 


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