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WICE Awards and Summit 2019

The WICE Awards were set up by Zars Media to provide companies a way to could champion diverse talent within their organisation as well as to signal opportunities of progression which among other things, helps attract new talent.

In 2016 , our director Cristina was invited to judge the Best Architect and Best Architectural Technologist categories (Read here) and the experience was so positive that she has since remained an ally and participated in the promotion and delivery of of both the Summit and Awards Ceremony.

In 2019, her participation on the Summit was in the form of a panellist joining David Picton and Sandi Rhys Jones OBE in the " Enhancing Your Critical Thinking" discussion. Chaired by the wonderful Catherine Schalk , it was a very enjoyable session.

  • Among other things, Cristina discussed the benefits which playing chess had brought to her day to day running of projects and business and recommended attendees to learn to play chess in order to build a strategic mind.

  • She also explained that when building teams she looked for people whose skills complemented hers rather than people who mirrored her.

  • Asking questions to get to the root of the matter and understand "The Why" was one of the many things all three members of the panel did when developing a strategy

On awards night, for a couple of years now, Cristina has enjoyed an active role by being the person in charge of congratulating the finalists. Given the awards come at the end of the night, every year, there are those who disagree with the results, but never the less, the overall atmosphere is celebratory and it is an honour to get to know some truly inspiring people.


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