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Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji


Hair salon, London


Fitzrovia, London

Completion Date

January 2024

Size of Project

115* sqm

Scope of works

Design, Planning, LTA and Delivery
(Interior, Architecture
and all bespoke furniture and fittings)


With over twenty years experience in the industry, Japan trained Shunji worked eight years in one of Tokyo's most prestigious hair salons before arriving to London as part of his former studio's international team.

Following the success of his Covent Garden salon, in 2022, Shunji decided to expand and he returned to Atelier EURA to help him find a new location as well as to design and deliver it. 

Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji


Repurposed and vintage pieces mixed with bespoke designs made for this project by a ​small team of skilled workers, come together to create a fresh interior that meets the client's needs. 
As we did at the Covent Garden salon, we contrasted the dark exterior of this double fronted Victorian unit with soft off white tones used in combination with textures and accents (in black and walnut this time, rather than the copper and white washes we used at their Covent Garden Salon) to create a calm backdrop to this creative hair studio .

Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji
Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji
Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji


The building is located in the Camden side of the Charlotte street Conservation Area and because of this, the signage proposal (which has been designed in line with the Camden guidance to work withing the historical context) was submitted to planning where Camden's planning officer was able to approve it immediately.

Although many retail business owners don't apply for the relevant advertisement permits, meeting statutory obligations is something we always encourage our clients to do, specially because the consequences could have an impact the running of their business. If don't properly, it should be straight forward and not cause any delays.

Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji


For the signage on the fascia and above the door, we engaged a sign painter who specialises in this kind of work and was able to apply gold leaf throughout. For the signage and trim on the glass, we engaged a second company who specialises in vinyl signs.

Design by © atelier EURA
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