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Design by © atelier EURA


Grade 2 listed apartment refurbishment


Paddington, London

Completion Date

September 2023

Size of Project

140* sqm

Scope of works

Design, Listed Building Consent, LTA and Delivery

(Interior and all built in  joinery including kitchen design)


Through a common acquaintance, atelier EURA were brought to the project when the person who had been assisting the clients with design and planning/ Listed Building matters was unable to deliver the project.

The intent was to amalgamate two adjacent properties in order for the clients to relocate to the capital from the Home Counties . 

Our role was intended to be that of a design coordinator, however, as the project progressed it expanded.

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA


Having spent a year looking at options with our predecessor, the use of the spaces had been defined by the client and the specialist packages had been allocated. However, as the project started, and due to findings exposed by the soft strip, it soon became clear that we would be required to engage in conversations with the conservation officer and to find solutions to a variety of design challenges.

Throughout the project, our team and contractors continuously discussed all design matters with the clients who enjoyed being part of the process.

Design by © atelier EURA


The original  proposal was for a rather small kitchen with a connection between the properties (through the party wall) to one side, however, structural findings forced us to redesign the solution and relocate the connection to a modern infill section of the party wall which appeared to correspond to the separation of the building into apartments in the 90s.

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA


Because we kept both front entrances, we were able to create a fire lobby concealed by kitchen units to one side and wardrobes to the other and although the fire boards and fire doors were not cheap, the solution allowed us to retain the original shape of each room.

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA


The property had multiple shower rooms. Two were existing and one was added to the master bedroom. 

When running new services in an apartment , one of the biggest difficulties is where to run the services through. In this case we were lucky because we were able to play with the level changes that were created and left as voids between separating structures when the property was divided into apartments some 25 years ago.

Design by © atelier EURA
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